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Presenting Soie.
Me, myself and I

Soie, derived from the French word for Silk and pronounced as Swa, or self in classical Indian philosophy, is Ginza’s own quality lingerie and apparel brand for women

Soie redefines style and quality for India’s young, restless and vibrant fashion conscious generation. Soie is spearheading a fashion consciousness that defines how beautiful it is to be “Me” for a whole new generation. This is their “I, me and myself” moment, come alive .

With a wide range of seasonal must-haves and cutting-edge designer-inspired fashion pieces, Soie is creating a brand that is in the forefront of fashion - today, tomorrow and forever.

Apparel from Soie

The Soie generation will wear fashion statement that is beautifully feminine, boldly elegant and chic. Glamour and sophistication is SOIE’s signature and you will find it in a range of sexy dresses, flirty tops, trendy tunics, stylish stoles and shrugs, versatile skirts, slim leggings, well cut trousers and more.

Our hallmark? Vibrant colours, delicate floral embroidery, pretty laces, airy fabrics. All put together to spoil our wearers for choice. It will define the in-stylish look for each season.


Welcome to the intimate world of Soie. Discover our passion, in dressing full-bodied women in unending beauty, where the Indian woman can finally discover herself.

Soie is born from Ginza’s passion for quality. We created a niche for ourselves in USA and Europe, now is the right time to focus our attention to the nascent Indian Market, an evolving market with a new generation of active, successful women.

Our innerwear line caters to uncompromising women who seek the perfect combination of fit, quality, comfort and allure in their lingerie.

Soie lingerie is available in gorgeous jewel colours for different moods, from basic, classic, to seductive styles. Bras, panties and nightwear are beautifully crafted to suit daily wear, active lifestyles, high-fashion, and teens.

It’s time to experience yourself from Ginza.

Leadership through Quality. Ginza Industries Limited.

The god is in the details and when it comes to Lingerie and Apparel, Ginza Industries Limited (Ginza) is uniquely designed and calibrated to deliver the best quality of every single component that shine in the final product.

In Lingerie, Ginza manufactures every single component including yarn, fabric, laces, trims, elastic, eye and hook. We do it all ourselves and that is why we hold the leadership position in lingerie component business in India.

For apparel, we custom-make most varieties of fabrics, trims, laces and elastic, in-house.

We choose to strictly adhere to an integrated model at Ginza, because it gives us complete control over every aspect and keeps us agile and flexible in design and innovation.

Quality leaps borders

The world recognises our quality. We manufacture the lingerie for America and Europe’s largest global lingerie retailers. Our years of international benchmarking experience in manufacturing, has given us a very good understanding that allows us to exceed the expectations of customers in terms of quality, design, processes and compliance.

Quality Network.

We manufactures lingerie, apparel and components from nine manufacturing units, strategically located in proximity to Mumbai, India, and managed by over 2,000 team members. Ginza’s corporate office is also located in Mumbai, India, with distribution and procurement offices across seven cities in India and Guangzhou, China.

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