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OM (absolute) VED (knowledge); to live and let live in complete consciousness. We believe pure natural living sustains a more holistic and balanced life.


Omved's vision is to build a sustainable bridge between modern life and the ancient Vedic civilisation - a tradition with roots deeper than all others, which is still living, unchanged. For untold centuries unto today, the Vedas have remained the sustaining force and authoritative doctrine, guiding followers in ways of life - worship, duty and enlightenment.

Company Overview

Today we live in a world rampant with stress, pollution, and disease.

Over 5,000 years ago, the ancient Vedic civilization of India originated the science of pure natural living. Now more than ever, this proven methodology will help you sustain a more holistic, healthy, and balanced life.

Inspired by this ancient healing sciences, Omved offers you over 1,000 organic, non-toxic products handmade by master artisans and tribal craftsmen that will heal, purify, rejuvenate, and center you.

Made with 100% natural ingredients and eco-friendly packaging, Omved offers you, safe, unique, therapeutic and effective products or life-tools, for your body, mind and soul. They are 100% natural and organic, inspired by the ancient tradition of Vedic Sciences from ancient India; Ayurveda, Yoga, Rasa Tantra, Vastu Shastra, Bhakti Sadhna and Jyotish.

Omved Naturals:

Our 100% natural hair, body and face product line is the first in India to have absolutely no parabens, sulfates, petrochemicals, artificial dyes and synthetic fragrances.

Omved Organic:

Our high-quality organic spices are the purest you’ll find anywhere in the world and we have over 25 different therapeutic herbal teas, blended for your individual needs.

Omved Ayurveda:
Over 5000 years of time-tested hair and body massage oils, churnas and tonics. Made strictly according to Ayurvedic texts with naturally-grown, chemical-free herbs.

Omved Vastra:
Pure bamboo, cotton blended organic t-shirts you’ll find impossible to resist. Create the perfect environment for your beauty sleep: organic cotton bed linen, or luxuriously soft, healing herbal rajais, 550 gsm sun white towels and more.

Omved Bhakti:
Deity incense, japa chanting bags, meditation kits with mantra CDs and special malas, bronze /kansa pooja sets and pooja samagri kits to enhance your devotional pursuits.

Omved Vastu:
Powerful yantras, remedial pyramids, graham shanti dhoops, compass and direction guidance kits to harmonize your working and living spaces.

Omved Yoga:
Organic PVC-free yoga mats, clothing, trataka meditational candles, chakra roll ons, neti and netra shuddhi kits to make your yoga sessions a rejuvenating experience.

Omved Rasa:

Non-toxic incense, Ayurvic herbal dhoops, alcohol-free reed diffusers and room fresheners, natural potpourris, Omved Baby:

“Ayurganic” (TM) (100% organic and Ayurvedic herbs dyed) onesies, swaddle cloths and, mantra rajais, chemical-free natural range of body and hair products, super soft organic bath terry towels, chemical-free crib sheets and more for the little ones.

Omved Mom:

Jholis, nursing covers, trimester blends for massages and soaks, bathing bars, post partum kits and more.

Omved His:

No fuss cleansers, shaving gels, organic ultra-light kurta sets and jhaba lehngas, refreshing bathing bars, all you

Omved Jewellery:
Holistic Vedic jewelry, deity symbols, healing gemstones, magical rudraksh, nakshatra and navratna pendants for well being, good fortune and protection.

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