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H2O plus

H2O+, the specialized H2O Plus creates innovative products for skincare, spa/bath, cosmetics, and fragrance categories. With proven success around the world including - Andorra • Australia • Canada • Chile • China • Cyprus • Greece • Hong Kong • India • Ireland • Macau • Mexico • Puerto Rico • Saudi Arabia • Singapore • South Korea • Spain • Switzerland • Taiwan • Thailand • USA.

For the past few years, H2O+ has been exporting their products to India. As India’s economy continue to grow at a record pace, H2O + has made the necessary investment as a separate entity to establish a significant presence in the Indian market.

One of H2O+’s most unique selling points is its product. Unique concepts, unique products, incredible results, The H2O Plus “water plus marine ingredients” skincare concept does not include oil or fragrance, which can irritate sensitive skin.Whereas most products are promoted on a title by title basis featuring the function of the products. Distribution for product is also unique as it follows a “Skin type” model. The combination of these two factors presents consumers with a fresh, consistent product they can build a habit on. The good quality products drive constant demand creating a destination point of purchase in store.
H2O Plus has an exclusive distribution & marketing agreement with Sports Station (India) Pvt Ltd. for the distribution of the products in India.

Marine Botanicals

Our carefully cultivated seaweeds and algae nourish and rejuvenate the skin with an abundance of vitamin-rich moisture. We blend specific varieties from a brilliant deep-sea spectrum to deliver potent anti-aging, hydrating and antioxidant properties.

Plant Extracts

Soothing aloe, revitalizing eucalyptus and other land-based botanicals intensify the renewing benefits of our deep-sea formulas. Pure plant extracts supply natural healing power that is known to smooth, calm and transform the skin.

Sea Mineral Complex

This unique blend of potassium, magnesium, sodium and calcium swiftly transports moisture and nutrients to the skin. Through these trace minerals, the skin can absorb and retain a supremely hydrating surge of protective elements

Skincare Science

Developed by our own team of chemists, Peptide Fusion Technology,™ Marine Collagen Micro-Spheres, Polyvitamin Profusion™ and our other innovations help maximize the skin-perfecting properties of the sea